Grand Forks Fire is the Place in Minnesota and North Dakota to get the right tools for your job. Proud to feature the MSA SCBA Line. Your safety is our concern at Grand Forks Fire- MSA Equipment. Give Tim a call today.

Holmatro Dealer

Grand Forks Fire is now the Holmatro Dealer in all of North Dakota and Northern Minnesota. Contact us for more details on Homatro.

Globe Turnout Gear Availale

Grand Forks Fire equipment is proud to offer Globe Turnout Gear and Boots to Minnesota and North Dakota.  Globe offers the Most Advanced, Best Fitting, and Longest Lasting  Protection in Fire Turnout Gear.   Contact today for more information.


MSA G1 SCBA Integrated TIC

At Grand Forks Fire Equipment we are proud to sample the MSA G1 SCBA with Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera provides EVERY firefighter the ability to see in dark and smoke filled environments More info here.

Portacount Machine Available

At Grand Forks Fire we know that a respirator and a proper respirator fit test are critical components of employee respiratory protection. Grand Forks Fire now has a portacount machine for testing of properly fitting respirators keeping you safe from respiratory hazards, such as chemical and environmental hazards, as well as airborne bio-hazards.

MSA Product Brochure
Click HERE for a PDF Brochure with great MSA information!