Fire Department is Dedicated to Saving Lives

Acquaintance with the Profession

Fire is one of the most destructive elements that threatens a person. No one is immune from the occurrence of a fire, and with medium and high fire intensity, it is impossible to extinguish it on its own. Therefore, people whose daily labor duty is to enter into a fight with the dangerous elements and tame it, often risking not only their own health, but also their lives are real professionals of their own business.


Our Mission

Our task is to help a person when he is especially needed. We provide assistance to people regardless of nationality, religion, political beliefs and views. In the end, no matter what side of the ministry’s activities we talk about, the main object of care is a specific person

Fire Department is Dedicated to Saving Lives

Fire is one of the most destructive elements that threatens a person

Evacuation Information

Document indicating evacuation routes and exits, established rules of behavior of people, as well as the procedure and sequence of actions of maintenance personnel

Your Home

Fire protection. Even if you are a very responsible and attentive person to fire safety, the risk of encountering...


To reduce the risk of fire if possible, we have put together the most important tips for you to help you protect your life.

Fire Danger

Incorrect use of devices, old, broken sockets, faulty wiring - all this leads to fires.


We are the largest fire department, with one of the busiest EMS divisions in the country


The main task is to work with objects. Tasks are generated depending on the object. And as a rule, they are formed by the customer. Every major customer who is ready to maintain a private fire department has a specialist with a specialized education who is engaged in this area.

At the facilities of departmental control there are specialists who carry out prevention, fire hazardous work is coordinated with them, they inspect the premises, are responsible for working with the state fire supervision, training personnel, conducting exercises and evacuation measures, and working with voluntary fire brigades.

Protects Life Through the Unwavering

Fire protection includes such areas as fire fighting, prevention and departmental control. We provide all services in the complex, as well as provide maintenance of automatic fire alarm, inspection of fire extinguishing units.

In each city or district, in any municipality there is its own schedule of departures, in which all fire departments are taken into account – federal, departmental, private, etc.

Call Our Team at:

The fire brigade can be called from a city or mobile phone, without a location limit. Please, before calling the crew, make sure you are in a safe place.